Published 20th February 2020

We’re proud to announce that we’ve rebranded as Loftus Group, with a new name, a new group structure and a brand-new website to bring us into 2020.

A new start for 2020

As Loftus Construction we’ve built a formidable reputation within the building and construction industry. Our management team has led the company to continued success, based on the company’s varied experience of the construction sector, the diligence and skills of our workforce and the uniquely personal service we offer to our clients.

As we’ve expanded the business, and diversified into a variety of different construction, demolition and fireproofing services, we’ve grown into a bigger and more complex enterprise – and we felt it was time for a new outlook that reflected this change

The new Loftus Group brand

We’re rebranding as Loftus Group, going forward – a move that reflects our new group structure and the continued evolution of the many companies that fall under the Loftus umbrella.

Our mantra has always been ‘Quality construction, with a human touch’ – and this philosophy and professional outlook is something we want to preserve and build on.

You’ll see the same teams on site, and will receive the same high levels of accreditation, safety, compliance and project delivery. But you’ll also have the confidence of working with a growing and well-established construction group – a group that believes in always going the extra mile and bringing the human touch to every element of the construction process.

Take a look at our new website to learn more about our transformation.