The company

John Graham Construction

The project

£27m New Build British Museum Archaeological Research Collection (BM-ARC)

Loftus Group were contracted to complete all Noise Reduction and Fire Stopping Works requirements within the British Museum New Facility.

Sound Reduction and Noise Transfer was achieved using Soundstop SRS panels.

Fire Protection was achieved using both Promat Vermiculux Fire Board along with a host of TBA Firefly products including Titan Lite & Collar Roll. Due to the bespoke nature of this building, Loftus Group were responsible for carrying out over 25 different Firestopping/Sound Proofing details throughout the building and along with the Specialist Suppliers we provided our knowledge and experience to the Architects to develop complex solutions for all situations within the Project.

Fire stopping was installed to roof structural steelwork, to voids at the head of internal blockwork walls, around mechanical plant and where structural steel members intersected Fire Compartments. All works were completed using MEWPs at varying heights ranging from 8 to 14m. The facility aims to provide both life and asset protection to our Client for their priceless items for the generations to come.